• What is the nearest underground station?
  • Kinky Dolls: ...... Dalston Station 
  • What is the smoking policy?
  • Both Parties have smoking facilities. 
  • Can I get dressed at the club?
  • Yes, we have a dressing area.
  • Do you have a licensed bar?
  • Yes, we are a licensed venue for the sale of alcohol.
  • What is the Entry Fee Cost?

    Please note:
    This venue only accept cash payments
    (no card payments)


  • Kinky Dolls :
    £20 Gentlemen
    £10 Tv/Ts

     you must  Request your Invitation   then pay at the door 

  • The Cloakroom?

    Our cloakroom has limited space, but we will accept coats and small bags for safekeeping. The Club will not be held responsible for loss or damage to any property/luggage at any time.


  • What is the Dress Code?

Please wear what you feel like. If you like to dress up, you may arrive dressed or you may get changed here. T-Girls Glam, sluts, fetish, high heels, silky hose, or what ever you like.


  • Does the club employ adult workers?

    The club does not employ adult workers under any circumstances and makes no guarantees about attendance levels or that members will meet other members who may wish to socialise with them.


  • Drinking?

    Please drink responsibly within the Club. If you are a heavy drinker and we feel your drinking is a cause for concern, you may asked to refrain for consuming further alcohol. Please do not be offended by this, it is a moral and legal obligation.

  • What is the age limit?

    No person under the age of 18 will be allowed entry into the Club at any time.

  •  Can I attend the club if I am straight

    ok, the whole idea of a club is so that like minded people can get together and hopefully enjoy what they have in common freely. This does not mean that
    curious people, or "straight people" can not join in, if they are open to it and seeking to have fun.

  •  Can I attend if I am a woman?

    Yes you are very welcome! The majority of man who attend the club enjoy the company/sensuality of women.



  •  This is my first time dressing up, I am nervous, can you encourage me?

    The first thing to say is that we are not here to judge you, or how perfect you are going to look, you are not entering a contest, you are coming out to have a good time, it as simple as that!
    It's all about letting loose, feeling free, experimenting and having a good time! The environment is appropriate for you to dress as you please and not to please others.
    This is the perfect situation for you to try out, if you are new to the scene.