We have a zero tolerance to drugs and reserve the right to search bags and clothing if we suspect this rule has been broken. Please do not bring drugs to our events, or if offered, take them at our events. No member or guest shall use, ingest, possess or distribute drugs while on the Club’s premises and anyone breaking this rule will be expelled without exception.


We have a private smoking garden where you are allowed to smoke.

Guests are requested to be respectful of our neighbours, particularly when arriving and leaving the Club, and do not hang about outside.



Guests should treat other fellow Guests and staff as they would wish to be treated themselves, with respect and acknowledge their boundaries at all times. Ask politely if you would like to join them and accept it gracefully if someone declines your request.
Remember, "no" means "no".


Although most of our space are designated as play areas, we are keeping the Lounge as a "no play" Chill Out Area, where people can meet, chat and have a civilized time, as many people prefer not to engage in play action.
So please use the designated areas for what they were designated for.



We understand that you may wish to carry your phone with you, but photography and the recording of audio and/or video is strictly prohibited. We therefore ask that all devices - including but not restricted to mobile phones, cameras, blackberries, tablets, laptops and/or any other equipment capable of audio visual recording are not used to capture media with in the club, unless you have been given permission to do so.

On occasion we may have an official photographer in attendance for publicity shots and to gather social media content. Rest assured they will not photograph you without your permission and no images will be published anywhere without your full consent.